Shipping FAQs

How much does shipping cost for your products?

It depends on the amount of products that are ordered, the type of product and from which of our warehouses it is shipped and of course what the destination of the product is. Shipping costs are usually between 4,99€ and 14,99€. For shipments of more than 60 euros, shipping costs are not charged. At the time of checkout and enter your address, you will be informed before payment of the exact amount of shipping costs to your destination.

Do all items in orders always ship together?

We try to always send everything in the most efficient way and with the minimum number of packages possible. However, it is not always possible. For example CDs are always shipped from the US, where our production centers are located. For clothing and accessories we usually ship from Europe, US, Mexico and even Australia. In general, almost all the products are in all our warehouses and we try to choose the closest one to the customer. Although it is not always possible.

How quickly are packages delivered?

We try to fulfill all our products just some hours after you place an order. But It can takes 5 to 10 business days until you have your product at your destination.

Is shipping available in all countries?

Not all products are sent anywhere in the world, due to the location of the warehouse or the fact that there are shipping restrictions due to certain circumstances in your country. At the time of checkout you will be informed if a product cannot be sent to your address


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